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Backslashes \

The backslash causes big headaches as it is used by the code to escape special characters and therfore will be removed from the page content. To get round this I have changed the code to replace it with three "pipe"s | | | without spaces when saving it, and putting them back when reading back from the database like this:

// Code to replace the pipes with a backslah to show the page content correctly
// spaces inserted to stop them being replaced. 
str_replace('| | |','\\',StripSlashes($row->pageContent));
// Code to replace a backslash with 3 pipes to enable the saving of the page conent into the database
// spaces inserted to stop them being replaced.
$pageText = AddSlashes(str_replace('\\','| | |',$pageText));

Square brackets [ ]

Square brackets – also called simply brackets (US) – are mainly used to enclose explanatory or missing material usually added by someone other than the original author, especially in quoted text. Examples include: "I appreciate it [the honor], but I must refuse", and "the future of psionics [see definition] is in doubt". They may also be used to modify quotations. For example, if referring to someone's statement "I hate to do laundry", one could write: She "hate[s] to do laundry".

The bracketed expression "[sic]" is used to indicate errors that are "thus in the original"; a bracketed ellipsis [...] is often used to indicate deleted material; bracketed comments indicate when original text has been modified for clarity: "I'd like to thank [several unimportant people] and my parentals [sic] for their love, tolerance [...] and assistance [emphasis added]".

To be able to use these and not have them interpreted at links, use three of them each side thus: [[[sic]]]. This will then simply appear as [sic].

Code Templates

These are for things like 'main', 'see also' and 'source'.

Example Code Issues

Stuff about handling special bootstrap example code more to do with not trying to add links and missing page links in the code. This is not an issue if another attribute of any type is added between the "a" and the "href" parts of the link code.


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