Things To Do

Things To Do

  • Add a GUID as an index on the redirects table for use when editing.
  • Allow ADD/EDIT/DELETE of Redirects
  • When a missing page is added scan and re-save all pages that link to it!!
  • You must separate rounded corners LESS and have it selectable.
  • Get the breadcrumb to reload after a page setting edit as the page name and category might have changed.
  • Investigate the number of sql calls in showing a page and try to trim it down - it must be high at the moment. You may need to turn sql logging on to have a look at this.

Things Done

  • Plugin DataTables and use it in the Admin list pages - All, Done etc. Do it the same as the editor in that it only loads if in admin mode.
  • Merge the copyright by and for fields into a single statement and adjust the edit config page accordingly.
  • Add a switch for banner display on/off in the config. If off show the default jumbotron instead.
  • Add back the missing special pages like missing etc.
  • Get the Jumbotron into something like a "well" to give it a border and rounded corners.
  • Get the breadcrumb to traverse back up the tree for use in a proper wiki site.
  • Add the breadcrumb to the category pages.
  • Get the category stuff to reload after a category  page content.
  • Add another switch to determine whether or not to show the top nav with subs irrespective of whether or not the left nav is showing.
  • Make the jumbotron scale to width.
  • Add a switch to not show the jumbotron at all.
  • Add a select for the banner image in the config
  • Add a switch for inverse colour on the fixed nav
  • Add the vertical scrollbar fix
  • Add combo table entries for the various prettify styles you might want to plugin.
  • Add select into web config to select the prettify style.
  • Need to decide whether or not to keep the cufon stuff in the jumbotron as it is a bit jerky.

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