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Electrical Contractors' Association e-RAMS

e-RAMS is a free e-service that allows ECA members only to create, amend, store and print general and activity-based risk assessments and method statements, via the ECA member website. It uses concise risk assessment (RA) and method statement templates, developed in consultation with members and leading industry bodies, including the HSE. e-RAMS is aimed specifically at contractors who work on-site. e-RAMS can be used by ECA members for any building services activity, not just electrical contracting. e-RAMS is based on the general principles of HSE guidance, and input from building services contractors and others. It shows how to produce an RA in advance of working on-site, notably for smaller on-site projects and associated tasks *

The guiding principles behind e-RAMS are to help ECA members to offer maximum flexibility and usefulness when creating risk assessments and method statements, with the minimum of effort.

(* There are many guides and products available on how to carry out a risk assessment (RA), but few are aimed specifically at contractors who work on-site. RA can be done in a number of ways. e-RAMS shows one way to do this, and helps you to produce both an RA and its associated method statement.)

The key features of e-RAMS include…

  • Free to ECA members, with no annual fee
  • Concise RA and method statement templates - designed specifically for use by contractors
  • Allows activity-based risk assessments
  • Allows existing RAs to be easily adapted for new jobs
  • Options to produce method statements and/or risk assessments
  • ‘Auto text’ option (see below) to help you fill in essential RA information
  • Ability to save and print RAs and method statements - or attach to email

To launch the e-RAMS program click on the left hand menu item called xxx (insert menu description). You should consult the user guide for full details on how to get the best out of the solution. The guide is available on the website that is launched once you click the link and is located in the “How to use e-RAMS” section (need to ensure this is where the user guide ends up or the text is change to point to the right place).

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